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"Magical fingers"

  • Metro magazine, London

It's essential to have fun whilst learning. Stay motivated, stay true to your love of music and pursue high standards to feel a sense of fulfilment in your soul.

Click on the yellow button to watch a video from an 8am (yes indeed, an 8AM!) performance by Eleanor Turner and her life-long inspiration and mentor, Deborah Henson-Conant. We were in Sydney for the World Harp Congress 2014 and the audience screamed for this encore! They should have been eating breakfast but they were rocking with us and we had a blast. I'll never forget this pivotal moment in my life. If you don't know DHC, she's an ambassador for the harp as an instrument to sing and communicate with, she composes songs, classical and jazz pieces, concertos, orchestral works and full scale musicals. She even has a harp named after her! the DHC Light by Camac.

DHC recommends me as a tutor of her music, which I am honoured to do and in fact right now I am working on my next online course, which will certainly include some of her wonderful music. Stay tuned, stay safe and God bless.

Ellie x

A contemporary tale of Scheherazade...'996' by Deborah Henson-Conant

This was the first time I ever worked with Deborah Henson-Conant and it was a life changing experience. Thanks to Camac Harps for sponsoring the experience, myself and Amanda Whiting worked with Deborah for five days on two of her compositions for harp and ensemble. The full video is on youtube: https://youtu.be/uNfNq6O2BHM

Click on the link below to read in more depth about the brand new 'The Three Waves' course by Tāla Tarang to help you to decide if it's right for you.