Welcome message from Keziah and Ellie


We are thrilled that you have joined us for this 10 lesson course that will help you to transition from the skills you mastered for Grade 2, all the way up to Grade 3. It's a big step up! If you are from outside the UK, or don't learn the Trinity or ABRSM syllabi, you will still find this course incredibly useful! We are working at really fundamental skills that you will be using for many years to come.

You can work through the course at your own pace and feel free to come back to any of the lessons to have another go. Download and print the pieces that you would like to keep, or simply play everything from your screen.

Click on a lesson - for example 'Major and Minor Thirds' and read the first bit of text. Follow the instructions and open the PDFs. You may wish to skim read through the whole lesson and print out the PDFs or save them to your PC or tablet. Then, go back to the beginning of the lesson and watch the instruction videos. In most of the videos, we ask you to play along with us, so it's a good idea to have your PDFs handy.

So, let's 'Get Ready for Grade 3!'

Ellie and Keziah

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